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Update - Water problem Isle of Man - Boil Water Notice still in place

The water problem on the Isle of Man continues and the Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority has issued the following on 09/07/2012 @ 17.00 hrs :


Douglas Water Treatment Works – Boil Water Notice

The Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority would like to further advise its customers that the precautionary 48 hour Boil Water Notice, which was issued on Sunday 8th July 2012, is still in place.

Initial investigations have determined that the unprecedented poor quality of the incoming raw water into the Douglas Water Treatment Works changed the chemical balance of the treatment process and this affected the quality of water going into supply over a 3 hour period.

The Authority follows the World Health Organisation’s Guidance which focuses on water supply management and balances this against any hazards to public health.

The exceptionally wet weather, over a prolonged period at this time of year, resulted in significant variations to the quality of the incoming raw water and culminated in a chain of events that led Public Health Officials and Officers of the Authority to the conclusion that a precautionary boil notice was the prudent course of action.

At all times, public health and the safety of the water supply is the Authority’s priority.

The Authority would like to thank its customers for their continued patience.

Customers that have further concerns are advised to contact the Water and Sewerage Authority’s Customer Services Department on telephone number 695949.

Update 09/07/2012 17.00 hrs

Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority
Telephone 695949

Water problem Isle of Man - Solution - Free Spring Water

For the next 48 hours Green Mann Spring is offering free spring water to all Isle of Man residents affected by the current water problems in many parts of the island.

To take advantage of this offer please visit our bottling plant on Patrick road St. Johns with your sterile water containers and we will fill them for you free of charge.

This service is offered from 8am to 8pm Free for the next 48 hours.

*** Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority has issued a ” Boiled Water Notice” advising that all drinking water should be boiled before being consumed – over the next 48 hours.

*** Further notice issued
The Water & Sewerage Authority would like to further advice customers, that the Boil Water notice is Not as a result of any contamination issues. Comments raised with the Authority regarding sewerage contamination are without foundation

Water problems Isle of Man - Boil your water - Water problem IOM

Water problems on the Isle of Man – The Water and Sewerage Authority has just announced that all municipal (tap / mains) water should be boiled before drinking. For details on boiling your drinking water please click here

Green Mann Spring – Here to Help

Given the current situation with water in many parts of the island we realise that some people will be facing problems with their drinking water. Therefore for the next 48 hours Green mann Spring will be happy to fill anyone’s sterile water containers with our spring water, if they bring them to our bottling plant on the Patrick road in St Johns.

This service will only be available between the hours of 8 am until 8pm, unless by prior arrangement. Our water comes from a deep underground source therefore is completely independent from mains water supply

Green Mann Spring Limited

Patrick Road,
St. Johns,
Tel: 07624 321333

Ainsley Harriott to attend Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival 2012

Ainsley Harriott @

The Planning Committee of the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival is delighted to announce that celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott will be attending the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival on Saturday 22nd September 2012 at the Nunnery Gardens, Douglas.

Ainsley trained at Westminster College and worked as a chef in many of London’s leading hotels before starting a long and successful TV career, beginning with Good Morning With Anne & Nick in 1994 and continuing through his series Ready, Steady Cook (a 17-year run), Ainsley’s Barbecue Bible, Ainsley’s Gourmet Express and many others, including BBC1’s current Great British Food Revival. He has starred in TV cookery programmes the world over and makes regular guest appearances on a variety of programmes; recently, he featured on Who Do You Think You Are? making some surprising discoveries about his West Indian ancestry.

Green Mann Spring offer Pure Spring Water bottled fresh from the heart of the Island. Bringing you the latest Food & Drink news from the Isle of Man.

Ainsley will give 2 cookery demonstrations at the Festival, using local Manx produce, judge the I Love Manx Professional Chef competition and meet some of the Manx food and drink producers who will be exhibiting at the Festival. On the previous evening, he will give an entertaining cookery demonstration at an Isle of Man Hospice fundraising event at the Mailbox, Douglas.

Ainsley is known for his ebullient personality and his passion for creating fresh, fun, accessible meals which are easy to prepare and cook.  He is a familiar face on supermarket shelves with his successful food range and is an author with sales of over 2 million cookbooks worldwide, including the popular series of Meals in Minutes.

Ainsley said: “This will be my first visit to the Isle of Man and I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s always exciting to discover quality, fresh local produce and to create delicious recipes which are healthy, easy to cook and taste great”.

DEFA Minister, Phil Gawne, MHK said “The Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the very best of Manx food and drink and I am very pleased that we will be welcoming such a respected and well known chef to it. I’m sure that we will all learn new and innovative ways of cooking some of our wonderful Manx produce and I’m really looking forward to the event”.

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Co-op tests Isle of man schools’ eco-credentials

THE Co-operative group is looking to ignite a green revolution, offering a share of a hefty cash prize to schools to assist in environmental initiatives.

In the UK, 3,500 schools have so far signed up to the free programme, and the invitation has been extended to schools in the Isle of Man to bid for part of the £18,000 pot to help fund projects like creating a new school garden or even generating their own renewable energy.

Green Mann Spring offer Pure Spring Water bottled fresh from the heart of the Island. We bring you Green news from the Isle of Man.

To take part in the Green Schools Revolution competition, Manx schools need to showcase their eco-credentials through films, stories and photographs via and demonstrate how they would use a cash injection to improve the sustainability of their school. The prize money will be divided between primary and secondary school winners, including £3,000 a piece for the overall top primary and secondary school, while six other regional finalists in either category will receive £1,000 each.

Gerard Hill, secretary for The Co-operative in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, said: ‘Schools have pledged their support for the planet by joining The Co-operative’s Green Schools Revolution, which helps inspire the next generation of green pioneers, with free lessons, trips and green activities available to all primary and secondary schools. Whether a school is taking small steps at the beginning of their green journey, or becoming a beacon of sustainability in their community, this competition aims to celebrate and provide support for some of the great work going on behind the scenes.’

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Local campaign group asks people to give up plastic bags for Lent

 give up plastic bags for Lent Isle of Man @

A LOCAL campaign group is encouraging people in the Isle of Man to go plastic free for 40 days.

Zero Waste Mann is challenging people to do their bit for the environment and give up using plastic bags for Lent (February 22 to April 7).

The group wants local people to refuse disposable plastic bags when offered them in shops and supermarkets and instead opt for a reusable alternative.

Green Mann Spring offer Pure Spring Water bottled fresh from the heart of the Island. We bring you Green news from the Isle of Man.

A spokesperson for Zero Waste Mann said: "Zero Waste Mann is hoping that the Lent campaign will cause us to think twice about our plastic consumption – ultimately encouraging retailers to reduce their reliance on disposable plastics.

"By making small changes we can all make a real contribution towards reducing the volume of plastic in our environment.

"Based on a figure of 54,473 people (the number of people aged 16 – 64 according to the 2011 Isle of Man census), if each person shops twice a week for a year and accepts just two plastic bags each time, it comes out at 11,3330,384 plastic bags in circulation per year – an incredible amount for a small island!

"If you’re out shopping consider whether you really need that extra bag. Organising your shopping into fewer trips is likely to reduce the amount of plastic you take home. Most of all try to get into the habit of taking those reusable bags with you every time you go to the shops."

The official launch of "Give Up Plastic Bags for Lent" will take place this Saturday (February 18) at 12pm in the Green Centre under the Chester Street car park in Douglas.

Anyone who signs up to the campaign will receive a free pledge card and reusable bag which is made from recycled fabric. There will also be live music from SambaMann.

Alternatively you can join the Lent campaign by calling 01624 664796 or by e-mailing

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Gardeners Invited To Swap Seeds and Cuttings

GARDENERS from across the Isle of Man are invited to a new event to be held next month to swap seeds and cuttings.

It is being hosted by gardeners who run the various allotments around the Island and will be staged in Laxey on the afternoon of Sunday, February 19.

The event is the idea of gardening enthusiast Tanya Highet who runs the Laxey Allotments. She has linked up with other allotment groups on the Island and together they are hosting the event at the Laxey Sailing Club. Admission is free and the event is open to the public and anyone interested in gardening.

Green Mann Spring offer Pure Spring Water bottled fresh from the heart of the Island. We bring you Green news from the Isle of Man.

The idea is to bring seeds, sets, crowns and shoots that gardeners might not need and swap them for new ones with other gardeners who attend.

Tanya Highet said, “Everyone seems to have a stack of seeds that they might not be using and this is a chance to save some money on getting some new ones to try.

“And since we’ll have a cosy fire it will be a great opportunity to just to chat about growing and to get to know other ‘green thumbs’ on the Island. We also want to make it inviting to new gardeners, so we aren’t requiring that you show up with seeds in hand.

“For these people it could be more of a social gathering, but they could also try to strike a bargain with seed swappers to get some of their wares.”

The event is believed to be the first of its kind for many years and it’s hoped it could become an annual occasion if it proves successful.

Tanya Highet added, “We’re hoping to see lots of people in Laxey on February 19 between 3pm and 5pm. The initial response has been very encouraging and posters will soon be on display.”

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Manx birdwatchers asked to record Christmas sightings

guillemots @ Birdwatchers on the Isle of Man are being encouraged to take part in a competition to record visiting bird life around the island over Christmas.

Bird conservation charity Manx BirdLife is encouraging residents to record all sightings of local or visiting birds.

Green Mann Spring offer Pure Spring Water bottled fresh from the heart of the Island. We bring you Green news from the Isle of Man.

Spokesman Mark Fitzpatrick said the recent severe weather could lead to several unusual sightings.

The competition will run from 25 to 31 December and sightings should be sent to the Manx BirdLife website.

‘Rare visitors’

Mr Fitzpatrick said: "We want people to get out and enjoy the birds visiting the island.

"As well as local birds there may be the chance to see lots of interesting species.

"We are really hoping to build up a detailed picture of what species are on the island.

Those interested can submit their sightings with the date, place and species by email or by using the form on the Manx BirdlLife website.

The website will be regularly updated so people can keep up-to-date with all sightings.

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Merry Christmas to you all!

Wishing all our Customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

xmas @

Hope to see you in the coming year,

from all at Green Mann Springs, Ballabrooie, Isle of Man

Pupils’ Knowledge Grows Through Trees Initiative

Primary school pupils are learning about nature in a novel way – by nurturing their very own trees.
Pupils at 11 schools will cultivate saplings this winter before planting them at Conrhenny plantation in Lonan next March.
The schools are taking part in the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture’s annual Trees for Life initiative, which encourages children to learn more about trees, both in the classroom and while out and about.
Saplings distributed to the schools this month consist of five types of native deciduous tree – oak, ash, rowan, alder and silver birch.

Green Mann Spring offer Pure Spring Water bottled fresh from the heart of the Island. We bring you Green news from the Isle of Man.

Activity packs issued to teachers show the children how tall trees can grow and how to measure the height and age of a tree. Pupils will also learn about seeds, leaves and tree identification.
Brenda Cannell MHK, political Member for Forestry said: ‘We are all looking forward to the second week of March 2012 when around 500 children will visit the plantation to plant their trees. So far, over the last three years, we have already planted more than 1,500 trees through the scheme. It is great to involve children in practical learning and to get them out into the Manx countryside. Hopefully they will return in years to come to see how the trees are growing.’
Peter Karran MHK, Minister for Education and Children, commented: ‘This is the fourth cycle of the successful Trees for Life initiative and it supports many areas of the primary Essentials for Learning curriculum. The children are encouraged to make a positive contribution to society as well as being responsible and aware individuals.
‘Helping to sustain our environment through the planting of trees does just that. It not only teaches the children the importance of looking after our world but will also provide a beautiful area of woodland for years to come, of which the children can say they were a part.’

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