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Green Mann Spring Ltd recognised for Success!

We were delighted to be awarded the 2010 Conister Bank Award for Small, Medium Enterprise as part of the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence celebrating success in all walks of Island life.

The following article gives an overview of the evenings events;

Manx business celebrated in another glittering awards night


MORE than 1,200 people packed into the Villa Marina in Douglas tonight (Thursday) to enjoy the annual Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence evening.

In total, 16 awards were made – to companies, individuals, charities and public sector bodies.

In addition, the lifetime achievement award was given to Deemster Mike Kerruish, who died in July.

Members of his family, friends and colleagues paid tribute to him in an emotional video remembering his contribution to Manx life.

The compare for the evening was impressionist Rory Bremner, while Four Poofs and a Piano provided musical accompaniment.

The Isle of Man Examiner will include a 32-page supplement about the awards.

More details will also appear on this site as well.

The winners were:

Microgaming Award for Innovation and Independent Thinking: CVI Optics

Sure Award for People Management and Development: Chartered Management Institute – Executive Challenge

The Isle of Man Bank Award for Team Work: Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Council

Barclays Wealth Award for Young Achiever: Darren Young

The Domicilium Award for Customer Service: Manx Telecom

Bridson and Horrox Award for Public Sector Achievement: Treasury, Income Tax division

IOMA Group Award for Charity, Cultural and Social Responsibility: Friends Provident International

Celton Manx Award for Business Person of the Year: Chris Stott

Britannia International Award for Company of the Year: Capital International Group

Tynwald Mills Award for Volunteer of the Year: Carol Pattie

Sefton Group Award for Marketing and PR Effectiveness: Sure

Conister Bank Award for Small, Medium Enterprise: Green Mann Spring Water Ltd

Thomas Miller Award for Corporate Social Responsibility: Ramsey Cottage and District Hospital

Collins Stewart Award for Excellence in Technology: Strix Ltd

RBS Coutts Award for International Business of the Year: Appleby

Isle of Man Government Award for Freedom to Flourish: Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster

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Green Mann Spring Water | Isle of Man Food

Green Mann Spring Water @

Featured Product Review from Isle of Man

I got myself a couple of bottles of the Green Mann Spring water to try. This is a local water from the lowlands of Ballbrooie, not far from St Johns. What it says on the bottle is that the rain that falls on the Slieau Whallin hill runs down to create subterranean streams into Ballabrooie and these waters then rise up hundreds of feet below ground to make a pure natural water, all of which does sound rather nice! Not being a water expert I chilled the bottle in the fridge overnight, I did once hear that most of the flavour of water is determined by the temperature!. After chilling I cracked open the Grolsch like bottle seal (like the ones we used to collect as key rings when we were younger!) and poured a nice glass. It was really pretty good – for water anyway. It tasted crisp and fresh for a still spring water. I don’t think I will be buying it all the time as I don’t mind the local tap water, but for the occasional dinner party or gathering I think I will definitely get a few bottles and it comes in still or sparkling as well which is good.

Gourmet Shark verdict – quirky bottle with a nice clean fresh taste. Definite thumbs up and hope people at least give it a try.

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MHK's outrage at cost of importing bottled water - Isle of Man News - iomtoday

AN MHK is calling for all government departments and boards to use Manx bottled water.

David Cannan (Michael) says it is an ‘outrage’ that so much taxpayers’ money is spent on imported water from the UK.

The Isle of Man Examiner reported last month that just under 75,000 was spent by government departments, offices and statutory boards on water coolers in the last financial year. Most use imported bottled water.

This figure for the sum splashed out by taxpayers was revealed in response to one of a series of freedom of information requests submitted to the government by Isle of Man Newspapers.

Mr Cannan, who was previously chairman of the Water Authority, has written to the chief executives of all departments and boards requesting that, if they have to use bottled water, then they should make sure it is Manx bottled water.

He wrote: ‘I am becoming increasingly irritated when I visit government departments and statutory boards when I see large amounts of bottled water imported from Buxton and other parts of the UK in water coolers and available in bottles at meetings.

‘The Isle of Man is spending millions of pounds on promoting the Isle of Man and Manx products yet departments of government and statutory boards are spending money buying bottles of UK water.’

He told iomtoday: ‘It is an outrage that so much taxpayers’ money is spent purchasing bottled water from the UK when there is an abundant supply of the local product both bottled and natural.

‘It is important that the Isle of Man Government purchase Isle of Man products wherever possible and support the local economy.’

Mr Cannan included with his letters a brochure about Green Mann Spring Water although he has stressed he has no links at all to any suppliers of Manx bottled water.

He said that, depending on the response he receives from his letters, he will raise a question in Tynwald on the issue.

But he said the response from departments so far suggested there may already be a change of policy on bottled water.

David Killip, chief executive of the Department of Health and Social Security, told him in his reply that the department’s chief operating officer was currently reviewing the extent of the use of imported bottled water.

The DHSS spent 7,581 on cooled drinking water machines in 2008-09, many of the water coolers located in public areas in hospitals, health centres, clinics and residential homes.

Mr Killip added: ‘It does need to be recognised, however, that in some instances water is provided for clinical/patient benefit reasons. Nonetheless, it is very helpful to know of the local supplier.

‘The department will remain committed to the procurement and promotion of Isle of Man products.’

Mr Cannan said he was pleased to see some departments were now using Manx water: ‘The message is getting home. But if I continue to see in the next two to three months more and more Buxton water, I will be asking in Tynwald whether the Council of Ministers supports buying Manx.

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Bottled Manx water on sale

CRYSTAL clear water from deep underground in the west of the Island is now available for sale.

Green Mann Spring Water is bottled at source by Jimmy Lawton and family at their home, Ballabrooie, Patrick Road, St John’s, and is already in demand.

Jimmy said: ‘We’ve always used water from a spring on our land for ourselves. We initially wanted to bottle that water, but found it was impossible for surface water to meet the stringent hygiene requirements. You have to get down below to where the water is absolutely pure.

‘We accumulated as much information as they could before setting out.

‘It’s been a huge learning curve. Chief environmental health officer Ivan Bratty and his colleagues have been very helpful all the way along.’

Firstly, a geological survey of the land was carried out to assess potential for potable water and to eliminate any potential problems.

The next step was to sink a well. To help find the right spot, a water dowser was brought over from the U.K. Using hand-held divining rods, he identified a likely spot, between the orchards, close to the farmhouse.

A team of hydrologists was hired and they finally struck water at a depth of 330ft. That is deeper than the height of St John’s Church spire.

‘It was a massive gamble, so it was a tremendous relief when they found water,’ said Jimmy. ‘We pumped it out as hard as we could for a couple of days without making a dint, so we know there is a good supply’.

Relief turned to joy when the water was analysed and found to be not only pure, but rich in calcium and other minerals.

‘We are very lucky indeed to have found this water on our land and the Isle of Man is lucky to have an alternative source to imported bottled water.’

Green Mann Spring Water is available in 19 litre containers to commercial outlets via MannVend and for home use from Green Mann Spring.

For further information phone Ballabrooie on 321333.

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