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Local campaign group asks people to give up plastic bags for Lent

 give up plastic bags for Lent Isle of Man @

A LOCAL campaign group is encouraging people in the Isle of Man to go plastic free for 40 days.

Zero Waste Mann is challenging people to do their bit for the environment and give up using plastic bags for Lent (February 22 to April 7).

The group wants local people to refuse disposable plastic bags when offered them in shops and supermarkets and instead opt for a reusable alternative.

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A spokesperson for Zero Waste Mann said: "Zero Waste Mann is hoping that the Lent campaign will cause us to think twice about our plastic consumption – ultimately encouraging retailers to reduce their reliance on disposable plastics.

"By making small changes we can all make a real contribution towards reducing the volume of plastic in our environment.

"Based on a figure of 54,473 people (the number of people aged 16 – 64 according to the 2011 Isle of Man census), if each person shops twice a week for a year and accepts just two plastic bags each time, it comes out at 11,3330,384 plastic bags in circulation per year – an incredible amount for a small island!

"If you’re out shopping consider whether you really need that extra bag. Organising your shopping into fewer trips is likely to reduce the amount of plastic you take home. Most of all try to get into the habit of taking those reusable bags with you every time you go to the shops."

The official launch of "Give Up Plastic Bags for Lent" will take place this Saturday (February 18) at 12pm in the Green Centre under the Chester Street car park in Douglas.

Anyone who signs up to the campaign will receive a free pledge card and reusable bag which is made from recycled fabric. There will also be live music from SambaMann.

Alternatively you can join the Lent campaign by calling 01624 664796 or by e-mailing [email protected].

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