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Bottled Manx water on sale

CRYSTAL clear water from deep underground in the west of the Island is now available for sale.

Green Mann Spring Water is bottled at source by Jimmy Lawton and family at their home, Ballabrooie, Patrick Road, St John’s, and is already in demand.

Jimmy said: ‘We’ve always used water from a spring on our land for ourselves. We initially wanted to bottle that water, but found it was impossible for surface water to meet the stringent hygiene requirements. You have to get down below to where the water is absolutely pure.

‘We accumulated as much information as they could before setting out.

‘It’s been a huge learning curve. Chief environmental health officer Ivan Bratty and his colleagues have been very helpful all the way along.’

Firstly, a geological survey of the land was carried out to assess potential for potable water and to eliminate any potential problems.

The next step was to sink a well. To help find the right spot, a water dowser was brought over from the U.K. Using hand-held divining rods, he identified a likely spot, between the orchards, close to the farmhouse.

A team of hydrologists was hired and they finally struck water at a depth of 330ft. That is deeper than the height of St John’s Church spire.

‘It was a massive gamble, so it was a tremendous relief when they found water,’ said Jimmy. ‘We pumped it out as hard as we could for a couple of days without making a dint, so we know there is a good supply’.

Relief turned to joy when the water was analysed and found to be not only pure, but rich in calcium and other minerals.

‘We are very lucky indeed to have found this water on our land and the Isle of Man is lucky to have an alternative source to imported bottled water.’

Green Mann Spring Water is available in 19 litre containers to commercial outlets and for home use from Green Mann Spring.

For further information phone Ballabrooie on 321333.

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