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Our Coolers

EMax Water Cooler @ Green Mann

EMax Water Cooler

The Ebac Emax is Europes’ best selling water cooler and is the cooler that cemented Ebac as the market leader in the water cooler manufacturing industry – renowned for it’s strength and durability.


FMax Cold Water Cooler @ Green Mann

FMax Cold

The Ebac Fmax is our flagship watercooler that combines impeccable reliability with exceptional performance – with a variety of features and available with side panels in any colour to match your company colours.

This model dispenses our Manx Spring Water at room temperature or Extra Cold.


 FMax Hot & Cold Water Cooler @ Green Mann

FMax Hot & Cold

This model has the same flagship features as the Fmax Cold but also supplies the water at close to boiling point, room temperature or extra cold.


Desktop Water Cooler @

Desktop Water Cooler

If space is at a premium this desktop water cooler is great looking water cooler at a great price.  Ideal for any office this stylish bottled cooler fits well into any professional office environment and supplies water at room temperature and cold.

Our Water

19 Litre Manx Spring Water @ The most popular size bottle for our water coolers is our 19 litre bottle as this is the largest bottle in the water cooler industry
11 Litre Manx Spring Water @ The 11 litre bottle is popular in offices as it is lighter to carry and more manageable to move around.

Bottled Water

Sparkling and Still Manx Spring Water 750ML @ The 750ml bottles available in Still and Sparkling Water. These stylish glass bottles are sure to brighten up your boardroom!
Still and Sparkling Manx Spring Water 330ML bottles @ The 330ml glass bottles available in Still and Sparkling. Now you can do your bit for the environment at the office by reusing glass bottles.

Our Services

Sparkling and Still Manx Spring Water 750ML @ We offer an All Island delivery service and a Full sanitising service on our Water Coolers.

We organise the collection, delivery and replacement of your Water cooler bottles and Glass bottles on a regular basis.


Corporate Branding

Our new “Corporate Branding” service allows us to supply our still and sparkling spring water branded with your corporate name and log,o adding a real touch of class to your boardroom.

Please click here to more info or here to contact us to discuss how corporate branding could benefit your business.

corporate branding green mann spring water


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