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More than 1,600 plastic bottles cleared from Isle of Man beach

More than 1,600 plastic bottles have been cleared from an Isle of Man beach by a local beach cleaning organisation.

Dozens of volunteers from Beach Buddies filled more than 75 bags of litter in 90 minutes at Ballaugh Cronk.

Organiser Bill Dale said: "It is a record amount of litter, Ballaugh is well known as one of the main collection points for rubbish."

Plastic barrels, fishing gear and nets, and one full barrel of used diesel oil were also among the items collected.

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‘Known for litter’

More than 800 people have signed up to help with clean-ups around the island.

Mr Dale said: "It was an exceptional effort to completely clear an area of coastline which is well known as having a constant litter problem."

Volunteer Tim Cross said: "My heart sank when I saw the incredible amount of plastic bottles.

"However, around 90 minutes later the area had been totally cleared of all rubbish, with more than 1,600 plastic bottles separated for recycling, together with a large bag of tin cans and metal. "

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