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Gardeners Invited To Swap Seeds and Cuttings

GARDENERS from across the Isle of Man are invited to a new event to be held next month to swap seeds and cuttings.

It is being hosted by gardeners who run the various allotments around the Island and will be staged in Laxey on the afternoon of Sunday, February 19.

The event is the idea of gardening enthusiast Tanya Highet who runs the Laxey Allotments. She has linked up with other allotment groups on the Island and together they are hosting the event at the Laxey Sailing Club. Admission is free and the event is open to the public and anyone interested in gardening.

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The idea is to bring seeds, sets, crowns and shoots that gardeners might not need and swap them for new ones with other gardeners who attend.

Tanya Highet said, “Everyone seems to have a stack of seeds that they might not be using and this is a chance to save some money on getting some new ones to try.

“And since we’ll have a cosy fire it will be a great opportunity to just to chat about growing and to get to know other ‘green thumbs’ on the Island. We also want to make it inviting to new gardeners, so we aren’t requiring that you show up with seeds in hand.

“For these people it could be more of a social gathering, but they could also try to strike a bargain with seed swappers to get some of their wares.”

The event is believed to be the first of its kind for many years and it’s hoped it could become an annual occasion if it proves successful.

Tanya Highet added, “We’re hoping to see lots of people in Laxey on February 19 between 3pm and 5pm. The initial response has been very encouraging and posters will soon be on display.”

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