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Hundreds of trees will be felled in an attempt to halt spread of larch disease

A SERIOUS outbreak of disease in larch trees will mean that many hundreds of trees will have to be felled this winter as an emergency method of controlling the spread of the fungus to other varieties such as rhododendron and blueberry.

The disease has now been officially confirmed after it was initially […]

Hundreds of migrating fieldfares and redwings on the Isle of Man

Fieldfares are colourful members of the thrush family

Hundreds of migrating fieldfares and redwings have arrived on the Isle of Man, the Manx Wildlife Trust says.

More than 400 fieldfares and 200 redwings were recorded by the ornithology warden on the Calf of Man on the 15-16 October.

Both species are members […]

Green Mann Spring Water | Isle of Man Food

Featured Product Review from Isle of Man

I got myself a couple of bottles of the Green Mann Spring water to try. This is a local water from the lowlands of Ballbrooie, not far from St Johns. What it says on the bottle is that the rain that falls on the Slieau Whallin […]

MHK's outrage at cost of importing bottled water - Isle of Man News - iomtoday

AN MHK is calling for all government departments and boards to use Manx bottled water.

David Cannan (Michael) says it is an ‘outrage’ that so much taxpayers’ money is spent on imported water from the UK.

The Isle of Man Examiner reported last month that just under 75,000 was spent by government departments, offices and […]

Bottled Manx water on sale

CRYSTAL clear water from deep underground in the west of the Island is now available for sale.

Green Mann Spring Water is bottled at source by Jimmy Lawton and family at their home, Ballabrooie, Patrick Road, St John’s, and is already in demand.

Jimmy said: ‘We’ve always used water from a spring on our land […]